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My Block of Time

My Block of Time:My Block of Time

My Block of Time

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My Block of Time is a simple and modern designed clock. Having this clock on your desk to help you keep track of your time. You can also set alarm and view temperature.

Power supply: 5V input USB connection or 3 AAA batteries
Size: 6cm x 6cm x 6cm

Setting Operation

  • Display: Press the SET button to switch between display 1 (DP-1: autocratic switch time & temperature) and display 2 (DP-2: Time)
  • Sound Detection: Press and hold the DOWN button to turn on sound detection: sound detection on "ON: SD", sound detection off "-: SD". (Clap or tap the clock)
  • 12/24: Hold SET + UP/Down
  • Hour: Hold SET again + UP/DOWN
  • Minute: Hold SET again + UP/DOWN
  • Alarm On: Hold SET again + UP/DOWN (On: "ON:AL" | Off: "-:AL")
  • Alarm hour: Hold SET again + UP/DOWN
  • Alarm minute: Hold SET again + UP/DOWN