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Glowing Bunny & Deer

Glowing Bunny & Deer:Glowing Bunny & Deer

Glowing Bunny & Deer

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The Bunny and Deer night light is soft to the touch with the silicone material. These soft silicone night lights will bring you a sweet and relaxed environment. The night light is portable, so you can bring it with you anywhere. The Bunny and Deer night light can also be your friends next to you while you are studying, or while you are on your bed.

The night light has 3 levels of brightness. After you turn on the light, press the button again to change the brightness. The night light also comes with 2 types of light: white light and yellow light. To change the light color, press and hold the switch button for 2 seconds.

Battery capacity: 900mAh
Input: 5V=1A USB charging
Charging time: about 2 hours
Product size: 14.3cm x 10cm x 10cm