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Sweet Surprise Bunny

Sweet Surprise Bunny:Sweet Surprise Bunny

Sweet Surprise Bunny

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A plushie that transforms into a bunny!

Do you love surprises? Do you love bunnies? Then you’ll love the Sweet Surprise Bunny, a plushie that transforms into a cute white bunny with a zipper.

The Sweet Surprise Bunny is more than just a stuffed animal. It’s a fun and interactive toy that can change shape and appearance. You can choose from two variants: a strawberry or a carrot. Each variant has a different color and pattern on the outside and a soft and fluffy bunny on the inside. The Sweet Surprise Bunny is available in three sizes: 25 cm, 35 cm, and 50 cm. You can choose the size that suits your preference.

The Sweet Surprise Bunny is an ideal present for bunny lovers of any age, providing a charming and vibrant plush to grace any bedroom, office, or cozy corner.

Product Type: Plush/Stuffed toy/Stuffed animals
Material: PP Cotton
Size: 25cm / 35cm/ 50cm